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Lichdom: Battlemage Has No Mana Or Cooldowns – Just Constant Spell-Firing



In Lichdom: Batlemage, previously out on Steam and now available on PS4 and Xbox One, players can fire off spells as fast as they can cast them in this FPS that put mages on the front lines of the action.




Rather than having mana or cooldown systems for spells, the player is given a great deal of choice on what spells to bring into combat using a spellcrafting system. Players can collect sigils throughout the game’s world, then combine those sigils with effects that make them cause damage, protect you, or weaken the enemy with debuffs, among other things. These effects can create dramatically different spells, giving players huge potential spell arsenals.




Once players have their spells, they’ll engage multiple enemies in various locations, creating arenas where potential mages need to stay light on their feet or fight aggressively to survive.

Alistair Wong
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