Light Armor Makes Sense If You Practically Fly Around Samurai Warriors 4’s Battlefields

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Sometimes I wonder if Tecmo Koei and Capcom are having a secret war to see whose version of Japan’s Warring States period gets more extreme. In Tecmo Koei’s latest unveiling of characters for Samurai Warriors 4, they show off more of the ever-insane cast, including newcomer “I got wings!” Ii Naotora in her light armour.


Alongside her are returness ninja Hanzo Hattori, Tokugawa Ieyasu who lugs around a gigantic spear-cannon combination weapon; and finally, the don’t-mess-with-my-toy-ball Yoshimoto Imagawa. I dunno, I’m still rocking Tecmo Koei’s version of Chosokabe Motochika and Koshosho, but we’d be missing out on “Are you ready?!?!” Masamune Date. Which side’s alternate-history guys would kick the other’s ass you think?


Tokugawa Ieyasu:

Yoshimoto Imagawa:

Hanzo Hattori:

Samurai Warriors 4 will be available for PlayStation 3 and Vita on the 20th of March.

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