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Light Fairytale, The 3D JRPG Created By One Man, Details Its Combat



Light Fairytale, the 3D JRPG created by one-man studio and previously known as Project Light, has released new details on its combat systems, as well as other gameplay details, during its Square Enix Collective campaign.




Light Fairytale will feature turn-based combat that occurs directly in the field. A big part of combat will come from using elementals, which can be summoned during a fight, but have to be found in the game’s most remote places and defeated first. The developer also states that a customizable orb, one that confers elemental abilities to its wearers, will be a key aspect of the game’s combat.




Party members can also achieve a Fury state in a fight which maximizes abilities, although does not detail how to use it at this time.




The campaign also details some of the game’s other actions. Key decisions in the game will change the game’s story, but with the rare Time Orb item, players will be able to go back and change the tale at key points.




Players can switch out their party leader in the field, and this will be important as some NPC interactions and cutscenes will depend on which party member is leading. Players will also be able to use Augmented Reality goggles outside of combat to see NPC locations, exits, and battle zones are, or see important enemy stats in combat.




Light Fairytale’s developer promises “A light yet touching story, with a simple but addictive gameplay!” when the first episode of the game releases in English, French, and Japanese on PC and Xbox One in Q2 2017. The developer hopes to release on more systems depending on funding and feedback for the campaign.

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