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Lightning Gets Stronger By Saving Souls In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


All Final Fantasy games have a character growth system, but Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has a different way to develop Lightning. In this game, Lightning is a savior of souls and as a reward for liberating a soul you get a stat boost. Lightning’s HP, attack, and magic attack went up after clearing this quest.


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Time passes in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy. People appear at different times and shops have business hours. Take a look at the station which is populated in the afternoon, but deserted at night. Monster activity increases when its late too.


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Each day at 6AM you return to the Ark, a base where Hope (now 14 years old again) resides. Time doesn’t pass in the Ark so you can take your time to prepare items.




The world is always on the brink of destruction, but Lightning can extend the world’s life by gathering radiant energy, a reward from saving souls. This energy can be given to Yggdrasil in the Ark, which can extend the world’s life up to thirteen days.


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Bhunivelze is the god that revived Lightning and made her the savior.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has an easy difficulty mode. This lowers the battle difficulty, drops a penalty when escaping a fight, and recovers Lightning’s HP when she’s on the field. In Normal mode, Lightning restores HP by using potions, EP draining spells or by eating at restaurants. The story is the same, so if you want to breeze through the game there’s easy mode.


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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes out on November 21 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.



More screenshots and potential spoilers below. Glance at your own risk!








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