Nintendo 3DS

Lightning Returns In Final Fantasy Explorers



In Final Fantasy Explorers, players will get to summon heroes from other Final Fantasy titles to help out in battle. Square Enix’s latest video (courtesy Famitsu) demonstrating the game’s multiplayer mode shows us a couple of familiar faces.



The video footage shows us a party mix of Dragoon, Knight, Ranger, and White Mage, who cooperate to fight Shiva.


Square Enix already showed off Cloud as part of the “Trance” and “Legend Characters” feature that lets players transform into characters from other Final Fantasy games. This time, we get to see Squall and Lightning, starting at the 1:22 mark of the video.



A little afterwards, it looks like the White Mage transforms into Terra from Final Fantasy VI, who we briefly see reviving the fallen Dragoon after defeating Shiva. Characters can use their powerful “Crystal Drive” abilities while in Legend Character form as well.


We also get another look at Cloud in action at 4:20. The Legend Characters seem to keep the same weapons used by the job of the player who summons them. In addition to having the Legend Character’s main theme playing, they’ll also have access to signature moves like Omnislash.


Final Fantasy Explorers will release in Japan on December 18, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS.

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