Catgirl cosplay, Yuna’s summoner’s dress from Final Fantasy X, and a Cloud Strife costume. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has *a lot* of outfits for Lightning. On top of the Soldier 1st Class outfit which is a first print bonus in Japan, Lightning can also get a Samurai armor… but the piece depends on which store you purchase the game at.




Shogun (left) is a costume you get from the Square Enix store while Furinkazan (second from the right with the red text) is something you can only get from Tsutaya. Utsusemi (purple text) is probably the most common bonus since you can get that at a couple of different retailers. Flower of Battle (right) is a bonus bundled with the game’s soundtrack. Europe will receive three of these: Shobgun, Sohei Savior (gold), and Flower of Battle as part of a pre-order bonus pack.


Costumes in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII are more than cosmetic. They affect Lightning’s stats and give her different abilities. The Cloud Strife costume comes with:

Soldier 1st armor – increases damaging when you hit an enemy with specific timing

Buster Sword – lets easily knockout enemies

Soldier’s Band – increases HP


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes out on February 11, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America.

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