Square Enix spread the downloadable Final Fantasy XIII-2 coliseum fights and costumes over a couple of months, but after May there won’t be any new Final Fantasy DLC. These packs are the final pieces of Final Fantasy XIII-2.


Snow’s Story: Perpetual Battlefield
320 Microsoft Points on XBLA / $3.99 on PSN

8411Snow_04 8408Snow_01 8409Snow_02 8410Snow_03 8412Snow_05 8413Snow_06 8414Snow_07 8415Snow_08 8416Snow_09 8417Snow_10 8418Snow_11 8419Valfodr_01 8420Valfodr_02 8421Valfodr_03 8422Valfodr_04 8423Valfodr_05 8424Valfodr_06 8425Valfodr_07


Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess
400 Microsoft Points on XBLA / $4.99 on PSN

8399Lightning_03 8397Lightning_01 8398Lightning_02 8400Lightning_04 8401Lightning_05 8402Lightning_06


White Mage outfit for Serah
Black Mage outfit for Noel
A Wondrous Wardrobe for Mog (16 costumes in one bundle)
240 Microsoft Points / $2.99 on PSN (each)

8403mog_01 8404mog_02 8405mog_03 8406mog_04 8407mog_05 8426whitemage_01 8427whitemage_02 8428whitemage_03 8429blackmage_02 8394blackmage_01 8396blackmage_03


3714Valfodr_RGB 3713mog3715Serah_White_Mage_RGB 3706Noel_Black_Mage_RGB

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