The Lights Of Puzzle/Platformer Perpetual Night Can Grant You Power



A nameless castle has been stealing lives since time began. Gaze, who has been seeking the strange place, gains a strange power when the light touches her as she enters the dimension-hopping place. That power will let her, and the player, make their way to the various endings of puzzle/platformer Perpetual Night.




The various colored lights of Perpetual Night are what let players complete the game’s puzzles. When light falls on her in the castle, Gaze changes into a shadow creature that can jump higher and run faster than her normal self. This shadow can also grow heavier, retain its power outside of light, or do other myriad things using other colors of light throughout the game.




Clever players will find varied uses for their powers, accessing hidden rooms and areas. These places could also lead to new NPCs, helping or hindering them depending on where the player wishes to ally themselves. Depending on whether the play works to help the castles masters or the prisoners within, it may change the ending they receive.




Perpetual Night promises a dark sense of humor alongside its puzzle platforming should it meets it Kickstarter goal. The game is also looking for votes on Steam Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
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