Nintendo 3DS

Would You Like Some Felynes With That Toast, Sir?


This isn’t the first time that Capcom has used food to promote a game, but it sure is cute. Capcom, in collaboration with the Pasela Entertainment Bar in Japan, has announced the latest menu at the restaurant/bar which includes brand new Monster Hunter 4 tie-ups.


The cutest (or most cruel, if you’re a cat-lover) is the “Monster Hunter 4 Honey Toast,” which features an entire soft loaf of bread (the interior is scooped out, toasted and shoved back in sometimes to add extra crunch)  topped off with honey, strawberries, mangoes, cream and… Felynes.


004 007

Before anyone calls in the SPCA, those are made of ice cream. And it’s just one item on the collaboration menu which lasts from October 7 till December 1st this year. Others include slightly tamer-looking options such as Thousand Year Golden Fried Rice and soft drink Poster Girl of the Brigade. If you order any of the special menu items, you’ll also get one of a random set of commemorative tin can covers to keep.



The promotion runs primarily in the Tokyo chains of Pasela only, although Yokohama’s will also get a lucky shoutout. If you’re interested, Pasela also serves up a heaping helping of other game-related food on their menus which run the gamut of Sengoku Basara, Biohazard/Resident Evil and the like.


Monster Hunter 4 is out now in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS.