Lillie From Pokemon Sun & Moon, And Green From Pokemon Red & Green, Get New Figures And Nendoroids


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    Both Kotobukiya and Good Smile Company showed off their new Pokemon-related figures during WonderFest 2018, and their products mainly focus on Lillie, Professor Kukui’s assistant from Pokemon Sun & Moon, and Green, the rival from Pokemon Red & Green.


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    Firstly, Kotobukiya is making a standing figure of Lillie with her Clefairy, which she used as a partner in battle in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon.


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    Good Smile Company also revealed a Figma and Nendoroid for Lillie’s look in the second portion of the story of Pokemon Sun & Moon.



    Green is also getting a Nendoroid, sporting his outfit and look from Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen.


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    However, Kotobukiya also unveiled a Green standing figure, with his starter Pokemon Eevee from Pokemon Yellow.


    Here is a photo of Red and Green side-by-side, with a few extra photos of the figure for Moon (the female trainer from Pokemon Sun & Moon) and Rowlet, which was shown off in a colored state [Thanks, @pikachu_pcn on Twitter]:


    ganbalillie 10

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    Finally, Kotobukiya announced on Twitter that to commemorate the Green & Eevee figure, the Red & Pikachu figure is receiving another production run.

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