Lineage Reveals Limited Edition Cherry Blue Keyboard



NCSoft’s Korean MMORPG Lineage has revealed a team-up with keyboard makers Skydigital. The collaboration will see Skydigital releasing a Lineage-themed NKeyboard.



The keyboard is mechanical, and comes with Cherry MX Blue switches. If you’ve never known that there are different kinds of keyboard switches, you can check out more here. The number keys correspond to different symbols and there’s also a Lineage logo across the spacebar.



It will also sport eight macro keys which are programmable and comes with two profiles onboard already. The keyboard can support up to ten profiles.


Do note, though, that this is a Korean keyboard, and the layout is a little different from Western ones. For starters, the spacebar is smaller to allow for cramming in extra buttons. If your thumb is used to a certain position when smacking the spacebar, this might cause you some problems.


The keyboard is being sold here for 119,000 Won.