Lingotopia Captures The Feeling Of Being Lost Someplace Where You Don’t Speak The Language


After getting shipwrecked in a foreign land, players will need to learn the local language in order to talk to the locals and find a way back home in Lingotopia, a game about being lost somewhere when you don’t speak the language.


Lingotopia may start with players feeling lost and being unable to understand what is being said, but it offers tools for them to slowly learn the language and how it works. Players can click on objects in the environment to learn the word for them, and they can also interact with the local townsfolk, getting a word explained to them by solving a riddle or guessing it from a list. As they learn one word at a time, players will slowly unlock the meaning behind what the people are saying to them.

Players will not be using this to learn a made-up language, but one of many real-world languages. English speakers will be able to learn Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, German and French, with speakers of those languages able to pick up English from their journey through the city and its various districts.


Lingotopia is currently raising development funding on Kickstarter, with a demo available through

Alistair Wong
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