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Link: The Unleashed Nexus Remake With Plenty Of New Content Announced For PS4 And PC



Mediascape announced a remake of Link: The Unleashed Nexus, a fast-paced action puzzle platformer by Reminisce as their Play,Doujin! Project that brings indie games to PlayStation.


The original Link: The Unleashed Nexus released in 2015 for PC, known as a “high-difficulty fast-paced action game which will challenge the player to stay in the air.” The full remake version adds plenty of new content and is being made in Unreal Engine 4.




Here’s more about the game that is currently on Steam:


Go towards the sky. Wingless though you may be, flightless this makes you not.
Link: The Unleashed Nexus is a HIGH – DIFFICULTY fast-paced action game which will challenge the player to stay in the air. “HAVEN” is a world governed by a “Nexus,” a stone that restricts people’s thoughts. Awakening at its lowest stratum, the player must bound over enemies, and glide and dash non-stop to find a way out of the world.
No complicated rules, only intuitive gameplay! Experience the thrill of using a variety of mechanics to speed your way to the goal. With no cut scenes and no dialogue, the game focuses solely on gameplay. Play through once to clear the game, then come back for time attack.


Link: The Unleashed Nexus’ remake is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC. A release date or window has yet to be announced.

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