Nintendo Switch

Linking Your Social Profile Will Let You Use The Nintendo Switch To Browse Facebook



While the Switch won’t have a dedicated web browser at launch, there are some loopholes you can use to gain access to your Facebook page.


Thanks to The Verge, a workaround has been discovered that will let you get on your Facebook page and the likes, and there is also some limited mouse pointer functionality. By going into User Settings, you can gain access to Facebook by linking your social profile and then clicking a link on that page. From there you can browse all of Facebook as well as watch Facebook video.


The Verge also went on to explain their experiences with the browser’s other features:


“There are a few other features on the browser. A small blue dot represents the mouse pointer, which you can move with the left joystick, while the right joystick is used for zooming in and out of the full page. You can also hit the Plus button to see a page information screen, which simply shows the web address and tells you whether or not your connection is encrypted.”


The Nintendo Switch is now available.