Link’s Awakening-Inspired Elysis Shows Off Chaotic Combat In Free Demo


Elysis immediately grabbed my attention with its obvious similarities to The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. While that attracted me to it, I ended up staying with it a lot longer due to its chaotic dungeon-based combat and huge boss battles.


At the moment, Elysis only exists as a free demo that you can download on for Windows only. Its creator, Fevrir, calls it a tech demo as it has been built to show off the “gratifying sense of combat and exploration.”


Its rare that you’ll get a quiet moment in Elysis without being attacked, so clearly, the main component is the combat. Specifically, its add-on system, which lets you modify your weapons on the fly, adapting them to better combat the different types of enemies you meet.


Of course, you do need to find these add-ons in the first place to give your weapons their unique properties. So, yeah, exploration is a necessary component to more effective fighting.


The demo shows off a vertical slice of what you can expect from the full game, and it includes: 2.7 dungeons to explore, 2 boss fights, 20+ weapons and items, 30+ ad-ons, and 20+ monsters. It also has full controller support with customizable buttons, thankfully.


“For the future I have a full game planned  with a lot more areas, a deeper exploration aspect and a story to tie everything together as well as more of everything else, especially items,” Fevrir writes.


If you want to check it out, download the Elysis demo for free (or you can pay for it if you wish) over on

Chris Priestman