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Litten And Popplio Are In Pokken Tournament DX


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Nintendo kicked off the second day of its E3 2017 live stream with Pokken Tournament DX, the updated version of Bandai Namco and Nintendo’s Pokken Tournament. We already knew Decidueye, the evolved version of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Rowlet, would be among the new characters in the Nintendo Switch version of the game. It turns out both Litten and Popplio will be present as well as a new Support Set.


In Pokken Tournament DX, players pick a set of Supports before battle. They can then use one of these two characters as an ally that will offer some kind of support in battle. They may give you a buff, debuff your opponent, or attack. Both Litten and Popplio have Average charging times in Pokken Tournament DX. Litten pops in to use Fire Fang, an attack that is more powerful the lower the health of your active Pokemon is. Popplio will use Bubble Beam when summoned, which temporarily increases your character’s attack and gives them a double jump ability.


Some other new Pokken Tournament DX features were revealed during the live stream. For example, Regi Ruins and Thalia Beach are two new stages. A Decidueye debuff move was shown during a match that allows him to temporarily block an enemy from calling upon a Support Pokemon. Team Battles let people participate in a three on three match with three different Pokemon on each side, with people able to push action buttons ahead of a match to choose the order of their Pokemon without letting their opponent see. Also, groups can feature up to 100 players, and the Replay mode will let you see videos from your friends and high level players.


Pokken Tournament DX will come to the Nintendo Switch on September 22, 2017.

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