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Little Battler Wars’ Mechs Can Transform Into Cooler “Ragnarok” Forms


Screenshot - 2013_08_14 , 17_14_40 The Little Battlers Wars is a strategy-RPG spin-off of Level-5’s The Little Battlers series. In this game, you control a team of LBXes and set out to conquer areas in a battlefield known as the Second World.


When you seize certain points, you will unlock a lab where you can spend your hard earned credits to upgrade your weapons and Armor Frames.

Screenshot - 2013_08_14 , 17_03_06  Screenshot - 2013_08_14 , 17_03_36


LBXes also have the ability to transform into their more powerful Ragnarok Phase. Below, you can see Arata’s new LBX, Dot Blassriser. To the right is its Ragnarok Phase.

Screenshot - 2013_08_14 , 17_07_43 Screenshot - 2013_08_14 , 17_02_12

The Little Battlers Wars will be released on September 26 for the Nintendo 3DS.