Little Battlers eXperience Spin-off Armored Girls Suits Up for May 21 Launch

Armored Girls

Armored Girls, the Little Battlers eXperience spin-off for smartphones and browsers that Level-5 and DMM are developing together, is set for a May 21, 2020 launch. The release is actually more of a re-launch, as the game originally debuted back in 2018 before being brought back down for a rework to add more LBX elements. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

In the revamped Armored Girls, the story is set in a parallel world created after the events of Little Battlers eXperience W, where LBX didn’t return to being just a hobby and rather became used by the military. The player is a new commander sent to a military base housing young girls wearing LBCS powered suit technology that stems from LBX research and must work together with them to stop a brand-new LBCS-related incident that bears familiar connections to the “Mizel Crisis” from the past.

Battle system-wise, gameplay is more focused around customization. Battles are on autobattle by default, but winning will require strategic usage of special attacks, many of which involve life-size versions of the robots from LBX appearing to assist the Armored Girls in battle.

Currently, the game is available for pre-registration, and you’re able to reach the game’s pages for iOS, Android, and DMM Games here.

Armored Girls will launch for Android devices, Apple iOS devices, and PCs on May 21, 2020 in Japan. You can read more about the game in our previous report.

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