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Little Dragons Café Introduces The “Great Thief” Ginji, And Celice The Witch


ginji 2

Little Dragons Café’s official website was updated recently with details on two new customers who don’t seem all that nice – Ginji the thief, and Celice the witch.



ginji 3

ginji 2


A new customer who proudly proclaims himself as “The Great Thief”. However, his actions indicate otherwise, as he can be seen tapping his finger on the table and generally looking uncomfortable, hinting he might have something worrying him.



celice 3

celice 2


A witch who was found collapsed in front of the café. Despite being helped by the staff, she starts to sport a bad attitude as soon as she wakes up, saying things like how humans are inferior to witches.


Little Dragons Cafe releases in North America and Europe on August 28, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The game releases in Japan a couple days later on August 30.

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