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Little Friends: Dogs & Cats Show Off Its Nintendogs-Like Gameplay And Customization



We’re still waiting on a new Nintendogs + Cats game for the Nintendo Switch, but while waiting Imagineer is making their own version called Little Friends: Dogs & Cats. Check out some new gameplay videos.


Here’s a look at the latest screenshots and trailers from the game’s official website:


In Little Friends you can have up to three pets at once. They come in a variety of fur patterns, unique patterns, likes and personalities, for up to 300 different kinds of possible buddies to befriend.



img_bx01_03 img_bx01_04


Little Friends is all about care and communication. Whether you’re rolling around in the room, feeding, or going out to the park for some fresh air. At home you’ll get to pet your friends and build your relationship.





When outdoors you can take photos, go on walks where you might even find treasures, or play Frisbee to practice for the tournament.


Dress Up

First is a look at the customization “Dress Up” video that demonstrates some of the outfits you can put your pups into. There are costumes that cover everything from head to butt, and there will also be some collaboration Rilakkuma costumes.


Interior Decor

When it comes to interior decoration, you’ll get to make a room of your liking, from a natural style to a modern one. Your buddies might react when you place furniture. In this video we get to see a kitty hanging out.


Little Friends: Dogs & Cats releases in Japan on December 6, 2018 for Nintendo Switch.

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