Little Mermaid Gunner is Now Free to Obtain With the Addition of a New Story Chapter in SINoALICE

Little Mermaid Archer SINoALICE New Story Chapter

SINoALICE players can now obtain Little Mermaid Gunner with the addition of a new story chapter. Upon completing Book of Misery 1-1, the Little Mermaid will be added to your roster of characters for free. This version of Little Mermaid is a Gunner, unlike the version that is currently available through the gacha pool. You can watch a preview for Book of Misery below.


However, this new story chapter is only available if you’ve completed Act of Impulse 5-10. Upon completing Act of Impulse the Act of Hatred will become available, and players can select the Act of Hatred from the Library. There are no other prerequisites to picking up Little Mermaid Archer. Additionally, Little Mermaid Gunner will always remain free to obtain in SINoALICE.

Alongside this new story chapter, another limited gacha summon has been released. True to her fairy tale, Little Mermaid will be available to summon as a Minstrel through this banner. Unlike other summon banners in SINoALICE, there will be a five step summon which will guarantee an SR at the end of the five summons. Upon pulling the guaranteed SR, the steps will reset and if you’re still in the mood to test your luck, you can keep pulling.

SINoALICE Global is available on iOS and Android. Its crossover event with NieR: Automata and NieR Replicant will begin on July 16, 2020.

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