Lobotomy Corporation Is About Storing & Utilizing Dangerous Beasts (Without Them Killing You)


Extracting energy from powerful monsters is the main objective in Lobotomy Corporation (formerly Lobotomy Corp), a management game about keeping lethal creatures locked up so they can be used properly and safely, but sometimes being in close quarters with dangerous, powerful beasts can have deadly consequences.


In Lobotomy Corporation, players are looking to extract energy from a variety of dangerous beasts. This means more than just locking them up, as each unique monster has certain requirements before it will provide power to the facility, which requires players get in contact with the monsters using the facility staff. Through examining and studying each monster, players will be able to draw more power from them.

Doing this comes with a large danger, though, as many of the facility’s monsters possess unknown powers, and these can kill researchers, break them out of containment, or create havoc all over the building. Players will need to balance safety with the need for more power as they manage their monstrous facility, lest they find the whole place overrun by the beings who were supposed to fuel it.


Monsters are also capable of overtaking members of staff, creating pawns that may surprise the player by causing trouble throughout the facility. Should this happen, players can attempt to bring everything back under control through force, or they can blow up parts of the building to cut the danger off. Should they avoid doing this, though, they may stand a chance at getting through the game’s unsettling storyline.

Lobotomy Corporation is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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