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Local Multiplayer Mecha Battler Stardust Vanguards Is Heading To PS4


Team Zanrai is bringing its local-multiplayer mecha battler Stardust Vanguards to PlayStation 4 in January 2016. It’s already available to buy on PC.


Stardust Vanguards takes place in 2D battlefields in space where you control a high-speed mecha attacking with energy swords and auto-targeting machine guns (the bullets of which can be reflected by the swords) to take out your friends.


The longer you survive and the more opponents you take out, the more RP (reinforcement points) you’ll earn, which can be used to summon reinforcements to the battle – the more RP you have the more badass your NPC fleet will be.


The biggest battles in Stardust Vanguards can see nearly 100 NPC units duking it out. There will be lots of explosions and bullets to dodge in these moments but you can use your fleet almost as a shield in order to catch a break.


On top of that, the game has a random event system that can see the battlefield change dramatically at any time. This might involve a space pirate invasion, tough capital-ship blitzkriegs to deal with, or transport convoys passing that give you a chance to restock.


The idea of all this action is to recreate the chaos of old-school anime space operas. But, at it’s heart, Stardust Vanguards is s a free-for-all competitive experience that rewards precise dodging and skilful attacks that you can play with up to four friends.

Chris Priestman