Locke From Final Fantasy VI Added To Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


Locke Enters Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Notorious “treasure hunter” Locke from Final Fantasy VI is now playable in the mobile adventure Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Also added to the game are original characters Artemios and Hayate. The drop rate for summoning all three characters is increased this week through Friday, August 5 at 12:59 a.m. PST (3:59 a.m. EST).


Those taking advantage of drop boost this week should be aware of the server maintenance scheduled to take place on Thursday, August 4 from 1 a.m until 4 a.m PST (4 a.m – 7 a.m. EST).


Locke is an Adventurer. His Trust Master Reward is Rising Sun, which provides Attack +107, plus the Bird Killer Skill.


Artemios is a Ranger with a Trust Master Reward that allows him to equip a bow.


Hayate is a Ninja. His Trust Master Reward gives him Sleep immunity, along with Attack +28, Defense +25, and Spirit +25.


See all three characters in action in the video below.