Lofi Girl Disappeared (Update)

Lofi Girl Disappeared

A mysterious disappearance is making waves on the Internet—the Lofi Girl, who has accompanied workers and students for years, is no longer next to her signature window. It seems that the Lofi Girl is in the process of moving rooms, though. The YouTube channel that streams it has another stream going on, showing a dark room with a countdown. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The other stream shows a dark room that has a fish tank, a desk, a calendar, a guitar, and a countdown. As of the time of writing, there is still around two and a half hours left in the countdown. That may be when we get answers as to the location of the Lofi Girl.

Hints that something was going on had started appearing on April Fools’. She had stopped her eternal studying to take a nap while her cat watched her. Then, on April 9, 2023, the Lofi Girl looked out her window and saw a room in another room flash blue. This may be the same room that the channel is streaming now, since they’re both blue.

Editor’s Update at 1pm ET on April 11, 2023: There are now two simultaneous streams. One features a new character in a blue room with a puppy. The other features Lofi Girl in her room across the street with a kitten.

Once the countdown for the Lofi Girl stream reaches zero, we’ll likely see her again. Until then, you can still enjoy some lo-fi beats on the usual stream, though your study partner will not be there.

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