After already having cancelled it once, I thought Jasper Byrne had stopped working on his Dark Souls-inspired RPG forever, but that seems to not be the case. A Twitter account and Tumblr blog have been sharing screenshots of the game on the quiet (thanks NeoGAF).


Byrne is the creator of 2D survival horror game Lone Survivor. He also composed some of the tracks in the Hotline Miami games. Due to working on ports of Lone Survivor and focusing on music projects it seems he had to put this RPG aside for a while, until recently.


It started out life in 2012 under the title “New Game+,” but if this Twitter account and Tumblr blog is to be trusted, it seems it might now be called PRDXCL. You can see Byrne’s old development logs about the game here.


The idea, at least back then, was to create a stripped-back “Soulsian” game with an isometric pixel art style. You had no inventory, instead being restricted to two items held in your hands, your armor, and a support item. It also had four-player co-op as well as versus modes.


How much the game has changed since that initial idea isn’t clear but it certainly has the same look to it. Keep an eye on that Twitter and Tumblr account for more updates.

Chris Priestman

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