Long Live The Queen Creator Releases HD Version Of Visual Novel The Royal Trap



Hanako Games, the developer of critically acclaimed visual novelLong Live The Queen, has released a new HD version of another of its visual novels, The Royal Trap.


The new version is available on Steam and the Hanako Games website. If you bought the older version you can request a copy of this HD version. It adds a new 1400×900 resolution with completely new background art. It also makes Callum’s route unavailable until you play through the game once and get one of the other endings.


ss_6fa17a4469fbdca6532c0a2c06ebce3bccbe3165.1920x1080 ss_32d410f270d10c592681948c541d57fc90030f63.1920x1080

“This was done for two reasons,” says Hanako Games, “one, because Callum’s route has so many revelations about the overall plot that it really spoils the enjoyment to play it first, and two, because players who were focusing on solving the mystery above all else were sometimes surprised to find themselves in a relationship with Callum by accident!”


Everything else about The Royal Trap is unchanged. So you’ll still be playing as Madeleine Valois, the trusted assistant of Prince Oscar. It’s your duty to advance his interests and definitely not fall in love with him (ahem). This involves sneaking, spying, and the occasional use of daggers, otherwise he’ll be left alone in a political minefield, and could even be accused of committing a murder that he did not.

Chris Priestman