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A Look At Vergil’s Concentration Style In Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition



Vergil will be a new playable character in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, alongside Lady and Trish. Capcom have shared a look and some details on Vergil using his new Concentration abilities.




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As far as controls go, Vergil will feel pretty familiar to play as, but he’ll have an additional new combat style called “Concentration” and also his Devil Trigger mode. He fights using various swords and teleportation moves as his new and evolved form.



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The above image on the left shows Vergil’s Devil Trigger form. Devil Trigger Vergil has an increase in attack, speed, and health recover among other effects. To the right is a look at the Beowulf Devil Trigger. Both forms give him a vast increase in power.


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To activate the Devil Trigger, you’ll need to fill up the Devil Trigger Meter by hitting opponents or taking hits. Once the meter fills up over three times, he can unlock the ability.



He also has the Devil Trigger Stinger, which adds the number of hits and damage. It can be further enhanced to give it more reach, number of hits, and damage as well.



Vergil’s Beowulf Devil Trigger enhances other moves as well. The kicking move has a faster spin to go with more hits and power. After hitting them, you can also link it with another attack. The higher you increase its level, the more its spin rate increases, along with its hits and power.



Vergil’s fighting style features his quickdraw abilities. The new “Concentration” style pushes that even further, as he can increase his Focus Meter to pull off even more powerful attacks than ever.


014 015

The Focus Meter can be seen on the top-left of the screen in blue. It’s split into three levels, and the higher it is, the stronger his attacks become. By hitting enemies, dodging attacks, the meter will increase.


However, if you take hits or start running, it will slowly decrease the meter, so you’ll need to rely on evading attacks while rushing down enemies.


016 017


The above shows the difference between the different Concentration attacks. From Concentration Meter Lv. 0, to Lv. 1, and Lv. 2. Each increase of level in the meter adds more damage and hits. There are also some moves you can’t use unless you’re at a Lv. 2 meter.


Here’s a look at some more of Vergil’s moves and his tools.




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035 021



Force Edge:


036 023



Summoned Swords:


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Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition will release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this summer.

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