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It Looks Like You’ll Be Making Plenty Of Lady Friends In Forbidden Magna


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We’ve already seen several spirit girls and other friends the protagonist, Lux, will meet in Forbidden Magna, and it looks like there’s plenty more to come, as Marvelous shows us some more in Famitsus latest report.




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Lux visited the island’s largest town, Elenam, where he sees a girl who was selling some crystal, a valuable resource. After hearing the townsfolk talking about this girl named Elfrede, he finds out that she’s actually a a spirit girl.




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While exploring out on a ship, Lux and the others saw a girl drowning. After defeating a monster and saving this young girl named Gabrielle, she reveals that her nickname is “Rielle-sama”.


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The above is another look at the combat and dungeon exploring of Forbidden Magna. You can get more details on that, along with some life at the inn harem, in our earlier report.


Forbidden Magna will be released in Japan on October 2, 2014 in for Nintendo 3DS.

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