Lorn’s Foes Use Specific Senses To Track The Player Throughout Their Stealth Horror Adventure


Lorn, a stealth fantasy/horror game, features foes that track the player using different senses. If players can’t figure out how they’re being followed, they will not live for long in the game’s bleak, oppressive world.

Unreal Engine Demo

Players take on the role of a servant of the king, Voss, who finds himself horrified by his ruler’s actions. The king has killed millions of people to forge a pact with dark forces in order to become immortal, sealing their souls inside a vessel known as Heart of God. Without being entirely sure how the vessel works, Voss steals it, taking it down to the forsaken mines, if only to keep it from the sinister king. The king’s forces, as well as other potential dangers, are now all coming to find Voss and the artifact, and it is up to the player to keep them safe.

Lorn will have players skulking through the mines, ruins, and other dark places in the kingdom as they dodge the king’s forces. While on their way, they will come across enemies who mean to take them out, but each of these creatures and warriors can detect Voss in different ways. They can use sound, sight, or other means of detection, and it’s up to the player to study each foe to learn what it responds to without tipping them off as to where they’re hiding. They won’t live long if these strange, bloated masses of flesh figure out where they are, and there is no one else in the game who will help them.


Lorn is currently raising funding on Kickstarter, with a demo available from the campaign as well.

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