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The Lost Child’s First Trailer Reveals More Of Its Characters, Launches August 24 In Japan



Kadokawa Games revealed a new trailer for The Lost Child, a recently announced PS4 and PS Vita title by El Shaddai creator Takeyasu Sawaki. Here’s a look at its first trailer that shows off more of its characters.


The trailer starts with a look at the blue-haired protagonist Hayato Ibuki, a magazine writer who was after some info on a bizarre incident of successive suicides at the Shinjuku Station. While investigating, he felt a “push” coming from a mysterious dark-haired woman that knocked him down to the rails.


However, Hayato was saved from a mysterious beautiful woman named “Barcia,” who then gave him a suitcase, which was actually a Pandora’s Box that should never be opened. Inside this box was a device called “Gaungaur” that is used to capture and contain angels and demons. Using this newfound power, Hayato gains the ability to capture demons as his subordinates. Together with the angel Lua (CV: Rikako Yamaguchi), the red-haired woman with a mage-like appearance in the trailer, Hayato continues his investigation while searching for the mysterious woman who saved his life.


The Lost Child releases in Japan on August 24, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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