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Lost Dimension Provides A Look At The Members Of S.E.A.L.E.D.



In Lost Dimension, you’ll enter the giant pillar to stop The End from destroying the world, with the help of 11 of S.E.A.L.E.D.’s talented youths. Dengeki provides look at all the members, along with another look at the game’s mysterious villain.



The End:


lostdimension_005_cs1w1_x720 lostdimension_006_cs1w1_x720

lostdimension_007_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_008_cs1w1_720x

The End is a mysterious man who shows up after the “Pillar” appears out of nowhere, and he threatens to destroy the entire world.


Sho Kasugai:


lostdimension_009_cs1w1_x720 lostdimension_010_cs1w1_x720

lostdimension_011_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_012_cs1w1_720x

lostdimension_013_cs1w1_640x360 lostdimension_014_cs1w1_640x360

Sho has the Gift of “Vision” and can see what happens in the future. His ability will be a crucial factor in figuring out who the traitor is amongst the group. His insight is most profound.


Yoko Tachibana:


lostdimension_015_cs1w1_x720 lostdimension_016_cs1w1_x720

lostdimension_017_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_018_cs1w1_720x

lostdimension_019_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_020_cs1w1_720x

Yoko dreams of becoming a singer, and has the Gift of Telepathy. For some reason, she hates her ability, and only uses it when it’s needed.



Himeno Akatsuki:


lostdimension_021_cs1w1_x720 lostdimension_022_cs1w1_x720

lostdimension_023_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_024_cs1w1_720x


Himeno Akatsuki can blow things up with her Pyrokinesis Gift, and while she’s a member of S.E.A.L.E.D., she has no interest in saving the world. The only reason she wants to kill The End is simply because she doesn’t like him.


Toya Orbert:


lostdimension_026_cs1w1_x720 lostdimension_027_cs1w1_x720

lostdimension_028_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_029_cs1w1_720x


Toya has the Magnetics Gift that also lets him control electricity. Unlike Himeno, he puts effort into protecting society.


Marco Barbato:


lostdimension_031_cs1w1_x720 lostdimension_032_cs1w1_x720

lostdimension_033_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_034_cs1w1_720x

lostdimension_035_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_036_cs1w1_720x

Marco has the Gift of Telekinesis. He grew up watching adults around him fighting against each other all the time, which eventually led to his dislike towards mankind.


George Jackman:


lostdimension_037_cs1w1_x720 lostdimension_038_cs1w1_x720

lostdimension_039_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_040_cs1w1_720x

lostdimension_041_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_042_cs1w1_720x

George Jackman has the Gift of “Psychometry” that lets him take power from objects. He might have a western name, but he’s all about bushido with his samurai sword, which he uses to fight against evil.


Mana Kawai:


lostdimension_043_cs1w1_x720 lostdimension_044_cs1w1_x720

lostdimension_045_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_046_cs1w1_720x

lostdimension_047_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_048_cs1w1_720x

Miss Kawai likes all things kawaii [no, really] and has the “Accelerate” gift that lets her reinforce her body.


Nagi Shishioka:


lostdimension_049_cs1w1_x720 lostdimension_050_cs1w1_x720

lostdimension_051_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_052_cs1w1_720x

lostdimension_053_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_054_cs1w1_720x

Nagi has the Gift of Levitation, and she’s actually been in the armed forces since she was a little girl. People often avoided her due to her sense of justice being too strong, but “being needed by someone” is something that is important to her.


Agito Yuki:


lostdimension_055_cs1w1_x720 lostdimension_056_cs1w1_x720

lostdimension_057_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_058_cs1w1_720x

lostdimension_059_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_060_cs1w1_720x

Agito’s Gift of Teleportation is something he’s used since he was a child, and grew up with few limitations. He gets along well with others and is quite the optimistic guy.


Zenji Maeda:


lostdimension_061_cs1w1_x720 lostdimension_062_cs1w1_x720

lostdimension_063_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_064_cs1w1_720x

lostdimension_065_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_066_cs1w1_720x

Zenji has the Synchro Gift that lets him copy abilities from others. Since he can copy other people’s powers, he sees effort as something useless, and tends to avoid putting any in his work.


Sojiro Sagara:


lostdimension_067_cs1w1_x720 lostdimension_068_cs1w1_x720

lostdimension_069_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_070_cs1w1_720x

lostdimension_071_cs1w1_720x lostdimension_072_cs1w1_720x

Sojiro, who has the Gift of Healing, is a genius doctor who got his degree from the university at a young age of 17. While his Gift might come in handy, he actually believes in medical knowledge and technology more, when it comes to saving lives of others.


Lost Dimension will be released in Japan on August 7, 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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