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Lost Dimension’s Agito Is Like A Ninja


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Last week, we talked about what a great character Nagi can be in Lost Dimension. You know, when she isn’t stabbing you in the back. Like she did to me. Twice. (Twice!) This week, we’re going to focus on another amazingly useful member of your team, Agito.


Sometimes I like to think of Agito as a fiercely devoted ninja and myself as the super cool and powerful daimyo. Part of it is because in both of my Lost Dimension playthroughs, he stuck by my side. The dude never betrayed me. But it’s also an apt description because if this game had classes, Agito would absolutely be some sort of rogue.


Part of it is his range and agility. When you think of ninjas, a character that stealthily can access all areas of the map comes to mind. Agito fits that description, given that his Gift is Teleportation. Like Nagi, this means that height discrepencies aren’t an issue. If there are multiple levels in a map, he can teleport from one to another. Who needs ladders? Not this guy!


Unfortunately, he’s more frail than Nagi. She’s more of a powerhouse, with her longer-ranged weapon that comes with an area of attack. Agito picks people off one at a time in close quarters. His speed helps keeping him from getting hit, but you’ll need to give him an accessory that boosts attack and the best weapon of the moment to ensure he can deal a hit and finish someone off.




I’ve found Agito is initially a great closer in Lost Dimension. Have him shadow another character, then appear from behind an opponent to end him after the other character did their damage. It’s tempting to use him as a scout, like Nagi, but I found that was a little too dangerous for him.


It’s best to try and get Agito the Farstrider and Phase Blade skills as soon as possible. That will increase his attack range and give him an ability with a chance of instantly killing the enemy he attacked. This will make him more effective in the lower floors.


Use Agito in Lost Dimension enough, and he’ll eventually turn into what I like to call the Super Friend Ninja. It suits his naturally-personable personality. Friend Portal is one great ability for his gift, as it will teleport him immediately to the side of any ally. This is great for setting up combos or pulling him out of danger. You’ll need to get the Brain Hacker materia to unlock it, though! Summon Allies is fantastic if he ends up near a boss, as it brings all of the teammates on the map to his side.


The second part of Super Friend Ninja Agito your best buddy is working on boosting his abilities that let him take a hit without getting one in return. Fortunately, a number of his skills offer that. When Agito learns Blink, he’ll be able to teleport when an enemy attacks, dodging it. Flux Evasion, an ability you’ll pick up later, lets him swap spots with an enemy so they’ll take the attack that was meant for him.


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Sadly, two of the best Agito abilities require materia. If you end up getting the Brutality materia, Ambush Strike will help. Use it and he’ll deal an attack an enemy can’t counter. The Magnet Field material allows him access to Joker Strike. It behaves similarly to Ambush Strike, as it lets him dodge an opponent’s counter attack upon using the skill. As long as you can get one of these abilities for him, you don’t really need the other.


My final tip for using Agito in Lost Dimension involves a passive skill. If you put one Gift Point in each of his red abilities on the tree, he’ll learn Dimension. This will reduce the GP and sanity costs of any Dimension ability he uses in the field. Given that most of the skills I recommended belong to that family, this could be learned naturally.


Agito is great in Lost Dimension. His overly friendly personality may be off-putting, especially in a game where you’re supposed to doubt everyone, but I encourage you to keep adding him to your team. He was always the most loyal retainer in my army.

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