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Lost Dimension’s Traitors Will Break Your Heart


You’re going to have your heart broken in Lost Dimension. I’m sorry, but it’s unavoidable. Given that the traitors are randomized, it’s a good chance one of your favorites is going to turn on you. I know, because I had the misfortune of two of the people I really liked, one of whom was my favorite character in the game, turning on me.

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Finding out who’s against you takes a bit of time. Each floor has one traitor, but there could be multiple people who aren’t exactly trustworthy. Good thing our hero, Sho, can read thoughts. You can take five allies into a battle with you and afterward you’ll get a vision of their thoughts. Phrases will appear on the screen, along with busts of each characters. Dissenting thoughts appear in red, and you’ll know how many unsettling voices appeared that round at the end.


Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as seeing some red words flash on the screen while someone’s head floats by. No, that would make it too easy. As I’ve said, multiple people could be plotting against you and Lost Dimension doesn’t come right out and say, "That dude is as bad as his hair!" After a battle, you can go through the hub to look at your visions. Here, you can see how many potential traitors were in your group. The goal is to grind through enough battles with different groups of individuals to determine who is and isn’t suspicious. You can then mark them as suspects in the Vision center.


Let’s say you’ve narrowed it down to three individuals who seem to be the traitor. The next step is to go through a battle with one of them at a time. Here’s where Lost Dimension will help you out. The game will say something like, "There may be a traitor in this group." You can then go to the Vision center in the hub and expend one of the three Vision Points from the chapter to see if he or she is it.


Spending the Vision Point begins a mini-game. Sho will run around inside the suspect’s head, following voices to reach him or her. Get there a few times, and you’ll see if he or she is definitely, 100% the traitor. I’d recommend only going through this if you’re sure, since you only get 3 VPs every chapter and unused ones will carry over.

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You’d think that would be the end of it, but no. No it isn’t. Even though Sho, and by extension you, know who the bad guy is, the rest of the team doesn’t. Everyone has their own opinions and will vote according to their gut. You then have to spend additional time grinding to make sure the person who is guilty is voted out when the time comes.


The easy way to achieve this goal is to not bring the traitor into any battles. Because the culprit isn’t working with anyone, no one will trust him or her. The other is to gossip with people after a battle is complete. Sometimes, a character will come up and either share who they believe to be the traitor or ask you your thoughts. Keep pointing them at the right person and, when the voting comes around, you’ll kick the right person out of Lost Dimension.

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