Lost Saga’s New Character Is A Maid Who’ll Clean Foes Out


MMORPG brawler Lost Saga has added a new character who’s smiling happily even as she beats you up: The Maid. This class also comes in Butler form if you prefer them male.

The Maid character comes with an assortment of crowd control abilities, including Big Cleanup—which sends up a cloud of dust that sweeps dust into foes eyes—Cart Rider, and the best one, Tea Time.

That move forces an opposing player into sitting down for a spot of tea. You can see how those moves play out here.

Lost Saga is kinda like Super Smash Bros. but with tons of collaboration characters that stretch from the King of Fighters Iori Yagami to Blazblue. While fighting, you can switch characters out at any time, chaining between long-distance fighters and melee brawlers as necessary.

Lost Saga is out now on PC.