Lost Saga’s New Priest Is Wild West Inspired



    Lost Saga’s latest new character is the Priest. Or Priestess, depending on which gender you pick.


    This Wild West inspired Priest hunts foes using shotguns and other explosive ordinance. Most of his moves seem aimed at disabling enemies by either throwing them up into the air or knocking them flat on their backs, the better to judge them with. You can see his moves in action here.


    In case you haven’t heard of it, Lost Saga is an action brawler, where players can pick several characters to bring to a fight. Halfway through a set of moves, you’re able to swap one out for another, giving players flexibility of a long-range and short-range set of fighters.


    They also do a lot of crossovers, including with characters such as King of Fighters’ Iori.


    Lost Saga is out now on PC.


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