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Lost Sphear Adds More Traditional RPG Elements, Teases An Unrevealed New Feature



Square Enix director Atsushi Hashimoto worked on I Am Setsuna and now Tokyo RPG Factory’s second RPG in Lost Sphear, and he made an appearance at E3 2017 to share more of the pretty game.


The footage starts out with a look at some gameplay in a town, it’s the very first town you’ll see in the game. One new addition to Lost Sphear that wasn’t in I Am Setsuna is the inn. Everything you’d expect from a classic orthodox RPG towns will be in Lost Sphear, including item shops, weapon shops, and such.


I Am Setsuna was covered in snow but you’ll be greeted by a different kind of vista in Lost Sphear. Tomoki Miyoshi, who composed the music for I Am Setsuna, is working on the music of Lost Sphear. It’s also noted that there won’t be any battles occur on the world map. Just like Setsuna, battles start when you approach enemies. When asked whether there will be more than the four characters we’ve seen thus far join the party, Hashimoto says that he can’t share more for now but he’ll leave it to your imagination.


At the 6:45 mark of the video, we see footage of something completely new that hasn’t been talked about or revealed yet. The brief teaser shows the characters in some kind of special armor and dishing out heavy damage against enemies.


The following footage shows when the main characters first come across “Lost,” a mysterious white mist that represents something that has gotten forgotten—and vanished from existence. Basically, the story starts out with the heroes finding out their town had gone Lost.


There was another Lost Sphear session from a Twitch stream that you can check in the above video. Hashimoto-san did say he’s leaving it to our imagination whether there will only be four characters or more, but they let it slip in this live stream that other party members will indeed join the adventure later, but they haven’t been revealed yet.


Lost Sphear is expected to release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in early 2018. You can check out our earlier report to read more about the game’s story, gameplay, and characters.

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