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Lost Sphear’s New Screenshots Show Off Its Pretty World, More Details On The Main Characters



We recently learned about Tokyo RPG Factory’s new game Lost Sphear and its story about a world created by Memories and its journey of saving it from fading. Here are more screenshots and info on the main characters from the recently updated official website.



They say that the world was created by the moon…

That’s a fairy tale I’ve heard a long time ago…

Around the time mother was still around…

They say that the world has vanished on many occasions, and it was revived just as many times.


Even today, I still remember the “moon” that was in the picture book…

So big… so cold… so beautiful… and ghastly.


But that’s still just a fairy tale. The moon can’t say anything, nor can it do anything…

Yes, since a long time ago.



This world is created by memories.

As humans live on, they become memories of the planet, and that is how this world is built.

Even memories from the ancient times still remain as memories at this very moment.

And when that memory fades, so does its existence.

This is what people call “Lost.”

When something is Lost, it can no longer be retrieved from mankind’s power alone.

This was meant to be the law of nature, no matter the generation.

However, a young man with the ability to use the “power of memories” arrives to this world.

The man’s name is Kanata.

Does this mean hope for the world, or is it a new despair?

That’s something nobody knows.

But there’s no mistaking what’s to come—a journey surrounding Kanata’s memories that is about to leave a big impact on this world.



The phenomenon known as “Lost” had suddenly assaulted Kanata and friends’ hometown of the Moon Bell City of El. Whatever exists disappears into a white mist in an instant. The Lost phenomenon comes from the loss of memory, and it is taking place all around the world.




Lost Sphear features a world map and you’ll get to travel between all kinds of areas.


world_ph11_5 world_ph11_6

world_ph11_7 world_ph11_8

In this world that is created by memories, you’ll see a rich variety of different places and their own cultures across the world.




Similar to I Am Setsuna, Lost Sphear has a battle system based on Chrono Trigger’s Active Time Battle 2.0, where you’ll seamlessly transition from area map to battle by approaching an enemy.




Since it’s a command-based battle system, you’ll get to take your time to make the right calls in battle after observing the situation.


system_ph12_5 system_ph12_6


This time around in Tokyo RPG Factory’s new title, we’ll get to move around the characters in battle. That means you’ll get to take full advantage of a weapon or magic’s characteristics for a more strategic battle. For example, you can move in a position so that several monsters are in the shooting line of a bow gun attack to successfully deal damage to all of them.


system_ph12_8 system_ph12_9

With attacks or skills that use certain kinds of range, you can simply move your position near other enemies to deal damage to them as long as they fit within the range.


Here’s another look at the four main characters we’ve been introduced to thus far:



Age: 16

Weapon: Sword


A young man who was born and raised in the Moon Bell City of el. His calm disposition makes him seem more mature, but he actually has a heart burning with passion within him, and also has a childlike honesty.



He learned the ways of the sword on his own, but he’s skilled enough to take on even the imperial soldiers, and he shoulders the responsibility of taking out the occasional monsters that appear in town.


After the phenomenon reached El, he awakens a power that can change the world with Memories. From there, the empire asks for his help in investigating the Lost phenomenon going on across the world.


Kanata figured that if his power could be used to save the world, he’ll cooperate with the empire, but under the condition that they help find his mother who disappeared when he was a child.



Age: 18

Weapon: Martial Arts


Kanata’s childhood friend who drifted into El when she was young. She’s average when it comes to physical ability and magic capabilities, but she uses her self-taught martial arts to help Kanata and the others guard the town.



She gives the occasional good smacking to her close friends Kanata and Locke, but she’s a kind girl who is polite and thoughtful of others.


When she first showed up to El, she wouldn’t laugh or cry, but after meeting Kanata she regained her emotions bits at time. For this reason, she shows deep affection for Kanata, but whether that’s friendship or romantic feelings is something she doesn’t know herself.



Age: 13

Weapon: Bow Gun


Locke is Kanata’s childhood friend who lives in the Moon Bell City of El. He’s younger than Kanata and Lumina, has a bright and cheerful personality, and often takes actions that drag his two friends along the way.



He’s dexterous with his hand and can make a bow gun just as easy as making a toy, and he became much better at it as he followed along Kanata and Lumina in taking out monsters to protect the city.


He doesn’t talk about it much, but his father is a high-ranking official of the Empire, and it’s a secret identity. However, he has a complex that comes from having never really met his father. With hopes of meeting his father, he decided to tag along with Kanata to leave the city and cooperate with the Empire.



Age: 20

Weapon: Bit


A mysterious young man who suddenly appears in the Moon Bell City of El.  He seems to know something about the extraordinary event that happened in El, but he doesn’t say much. He might say some rough things, but he’s actually kind-hearted.



He uses a mysterious weapon called “Bit” that is controlled by magic, and it is capable in both attack and defense. Not anyone can use this weapon, as it is difficult to handle, but it moves through exceptional concentration, and he’s able to show overwhelming battle capabilities with it.


After witnessing Kanata awaken his powers, Vahn has taken a cooperative manner, and has decided to head to the Empire with Kanata and the others.


Lost Sphear is expected to release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in early 2018.

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