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A Lot Of Sword Art Online Fans Are Playing Final Fantasy XIV


kiritoasunaSo, that Final Fantasy game… Pretty fun, right? So fun… you wouldn’t mind being trapped in it for some of your life for good?

Nico Nico user 92aki was bored, and utilizing The Lodestone website, went and tracked down just how many people feel the urge to mimic recent superstar light novel/anime Sword Art Online’s most popular characters: Kirito and Asuna.


Sword Art Online was a seminal smash hit featuring online role-playing gamers getting permanently stuck in its titular virtual world. Die in the game, and you die in real life, with the only way to get out being to clear the game’s entire 100 floors. Much death and angst follows with the original plot spanning two years worth of time.


The search results are kind of  funny. Spread across all servers–English, French, German and Japanese–those with the name Kirito totaled up to 2,043, while Asuna comes in with 2,734. That’s about 4,800 players running around out of a unique login of about 61.7 thousand daily logins, said 92aki. Sure, that’s only about 7% of the total login numbers, and some of the names came with additional tags (So something like Asuna Blackthorne would be totally caught in the search parameters) but that’s still a pretty decent chunk of players.



Want proof? Here’s a screenshot I got a friend to send me while he was logged in. One even took Asuna’s full name!