Love Live Superstar Will Be Featured in Sega Cafes

Love Live Superstar Liella at Sega cafes

Genda Sega Entertainment will collaborate with Liella from Love Live Superstar in select Sega Cafe locations for a limited time. The cafe on the 7th floor of Sega Akihabara Building 3 will be the primary location serving both food and drinks. Genda Sega will also sell the drinks at cafe stands in Namba (Osaka), Sendai, Okayama, Fukuoka, Nagoya, and Kumamoto.

The menu will focus on Liella, the idol group of Love Live Superstar, consisting of Kanon, Keke, Chisato, Sumire, and Ren. However, the cafes will also sell limited drinks on the birthdays of characters from other Love Live groups, such as Mia Taylor and Leah Kazuno.

Customers will get a random coaster mat or bromide portrait by purchasing any Love Live-themed food and drink in the cafe. On a character’s birthday, people who enter the Akihabara cafe will also receive a birthday card of said character.

Genda Sega Entertainment has featured Love Live collaborations in Sega cafes since September 2021. It previously featured μ’s, Aqours, and Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. The cafes are currently showcasing an all-star cast from the Love Live franchise until November 7, 2021.

Love Live has become one of Sunrise’s biggest franchises. A drawing of the series’ first protagonist Honoka Kousaka decorates the anime studio’s new White Base office. The Love Live! School Idol Festival mobile game is also currently holding a crossover event with Atlus’ Persona series. This event will run until November 25, 2021.

The Love Live Superstar collaboration in Sega cafes will run from November 13, 2021, until December 19, 2021.

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