Lovecraftian Horrors Await In The Snow And Ice Of At The Mountains Of Madness



Players will need to find food and shelter as supernatural creatures whittle away at their sanity in first person adventure game At the Mountains of Madness, now available on Steam Early Access.




Inspired by the Lovecraft novella of the same name, At the Mountains of Madness casts players as Professor Dyer, leader of a geological expedition to Antarctica in the 1930’s. He’ll soon find there are much worse things than ice and cold lurking in the snowy fields and frozen caves.




Players are able to fight back against possessed wildlife and other creatures, although that may not always be a good idea. They’ll also have to find food, wood for fires, and other items to help them survive the cold and monsters as they explore procedurally-generated mazes and caverns.

Alistair Wong
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