Lovely Planet Arcade To Deliver More Kawaii Shooting This Summer


Quick Tequila’s follow-up to last year’s cutesy first-person shooter Lovely Planet is called Lovely Planet Arcade. It’ll be available on Steam this summer.


For the most part, Lovely Planet Arcade will play the same as its frantic predecessor, but there is one distinct difference: you can’t look up or down.


The idea is for this to be a throwback shooter, or as publisher tinyBuild calls it, “a back to basics FPS where you can’t look up or down.” You couldn’t look up and down in id Software’s first shooters, Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, so that’s where the idea is taken from.


Other than that, Lovely Planet Arcade will have over a hundred levels across four different worlds. There will also be unlockable modifiers so you can test yourself in Mirror of Fast modes. Lastly, it’ll also let you collect evidence to “uncover the mysteries of the Arcade.”

Chris Priestman