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LoveR Shows How You Can Spend Your Time In “Lovers Days” Mode


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We found out recently that Kadokawa Games’ PS4 love sim LoveR will have a real-time mode called “Lovers Days” mode that takes place after the “Summer Days” visual novel period, and more has been revealed on what you can do in real-time. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


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After the confession at the end of “Summer Days”, “Lovers Days”, ie. spending time with your girlfriend, begins. Depending on when you open the game, you’ll be able to get into various situations at home, and your girlfriend’s home, on the way to school, after school, in the classroom, or at the gymnasium.

You’ll be able to engage in Free Photo Sessions, where you’ll be able to take photos in any of the locations in the game no matter the time of day.


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The reactions your girlfriend will give depend on when you’re playing, and her current mood, which is shown on the top right. Conversation options are suitably sweet, and each of the six girls have their own individual conversation topics. These individual topics are hidden except for the very beginning of the word, but you should probably know these topics from Summer Days mode.


Finally, more was revealed on the “Variety Bloomers Set” DLC pre-order campaign. Depending on what percent of the target is reached, more outfits will be included with the DLC.

Here are the milestones below:

  • Pre-order: Fully covered bloomers
  • 20% of pre-order target reached: Delta bloomers
  • 50% of target reached: Half bloomers
  • 80% of target reached: Normal bloomers
  • Target 100% fully reached: Tucked-in bloomers
  • 120% of target reached: ???? bloomers


Here’s an example of the differing outfits, with fully-covered bloomers to the left and delta bloomers to the right:

loveR 9 loveR 10


LoveR releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 14, 2019.

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