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LoveR’s Real Game Begins Once You Confess To A Girl And Voice Chat Day And Night



Kadokawa Games shared the latest details on its upcoming PS4 love sim LoveR by Photo Kano creator Ichiro Sugiyama in this week’s issue of Famitasu magazine, with info on what happens after confessing your love to a girl to kick off the “Lovers Days.” [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]

The game’s story starts out in a two-month period known as “Summer Days.” Once you successfully confess your feelings to a girl, you’ll begin the “Lovers Days” with her.


After entering the Lovers Days, you’ll go through various situations that vary based on the time of day in real-life, meaning you might get a different conversation or photography session if you speak to her in the morning from what you might in the evening.


The game will also have a way for you to speak to the girl using your mic to see various reactions, which will also vary depending on the time of day.


During Kadokawa Games’ fan festival this weekend, and we got a look at some new screenshots and details, courtesy 4Gamer:



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During the event, Kadokawa Games shared screenshots introducing LoveR’s game progression, voice-recognition, photography sessions, and more.


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When your Romance Level reaches a certain point it activates events, but when it doesn’t happen you’ll get to participate in “Stock-Up Conversations” to get closer to her.




After successfully confessing to a girl at the school festival that takes place two months after, you’ll enter a relationship and will get to talk together at any time, 24 hours of the day. Being in a relationship also means having Free Photo Sessions.




Lastly, it was announced that pre-orders in Japan will include a high-resolution soundtrack and a “Variety Bloomers Set” DLC, which will come with up to six variety of outfits depending on the number of total pre-orders.


LoveR releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 14, 2019. Learn more about its photography sessions in our previous report.

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