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Luc Bernard’s Reaper Renamed Death Tales, Now A PlayStation Vita Exclusive



Luc Bernard has renamed his free-to-play action-RPG Reaper. It’s now called Death Tales and will no longer be coming to iOS, Android, or PSP as was initially announced three years ago. Now it’s a PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV exclusive.


You may know Luc Bernard for his previous mobile and PlayStation game Mecho Wars. Death Tales (previously Reaper) is quite a bit different, although it is no less colorful than Mecho Wars.


You play as one of Death’s reapers who turns on his master after being sent to kill his own daughter and refusing. It has a hand-drawn art style, and features local and online co-op for two players, although the local co-op will only be available with PlayStation TV as it requires the big screen and two gamepads.


There will be a Story mode that’ll be playable in single player and co-op modes. It will also have a Tales mode that has randomly generated quests that are issued from strange characters at a central town hub.


No release date for Death Tales has been announced yet.

Chris Priestman