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Lucadian Chronicles Is On Its Way To PC, Will Have Cross-Platform Multiplayer With Wii U


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Dark Roast Entertainment has put its strategy, puzzle and card collecting game Lucadian Chronicles up on Steam Greenlight. So, yep, it’s on its way to PC after being released on Wii U in December 2014.


For this Steam version, Dark Roast is looking to include seamless login via your Steam ID, achievements, and community leaderboards. It will also allow for multiplayer matchmaking with Wii U players (in leagues and drafts) so there shouldn’t be a shortage of online opponents, hopefully.


As with the Wii U version, Lucadian Chronicles on PC will have a single player story mode, asynchronous multiplayer leagues to compete in, real-time draft tournaments, and over 100 cards to collect and form into teams.



If you’re interested in the game, it’s worth reading through Siliconera’s interview with Dark Roast’s founder Fumi Shiraishi, one of the creators of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King.


At the heart of the game is forming teams out of your cards that conform to color and cost limits, while taking advantage of their varied stats and abilities, as well as card synergies, when facing off against opponents.

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