Luigi’s Mansion Arcade Makes Catching Ghosts Easier



The Luigi’s Mansion arcade game Siliconera wrote about earlier has finally made its public debut in Japan, and arcade goers have started posting footage of the gameplay online. The game sports cooperative play as well as both new and returning features – some of which make it easier to capture ghosts.


First and foremost, the Dark Light from Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon makes its return. This device allows Luigi to reveal invisible objects that have been hidden by the game’s mischievous specters. It was also used to reveal Greenies wearing armor or holding frying pans in Dark Moon, and added a step to the ghost-capturing process.



More importantly, a new item, simply called a bomb, can be thrown at shielded Greenies to break their defense and make them instantly susceptible to capture. This differs from armored Greenies in Dark Moon, where Luigi often had to reveal them using the Dark Light first, weave his way behind it, flash it with the strobe light to make the Greenie drop its armor, and then repeat flash it again to activate the capture sequence. You can view the bomb in action in the video above.