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Luminous Arc coming to U.S.


0846_b_lil.jpgAtlus U.S.A. announced that they will assume the role of localizing Luminous Arc for a U.S. release. The official site, though, mentions nothing of this announcement; but I’m sure in time the site will be updated with Luminous Arc joy.


I bet some of you are ready to kick your friend’s asses on multiplayer since Atlus U.S.A. also plans on keeping the WiFi play in the localized version. There is no release date for Luminous Arc, but I’m sure it’ll be here sometime in 2007.


Luminous Arc Key Features:
● An isometric strategy RPG on the Nintendo DS!
● Create new weapons and equipment with the Vitae Imbuing system!
● Strengthen your friendship with comrades and improve your attacks on the battlefield!
● Compare your friends’ strategic prowess against your own with Wi-Fi multiplayer!
● A variety of unique characters drive an epic story featuring voiced dialogue!


Here’s hoping this DS game receives the voice over treatment and actually has voice overs in it unlike Mega Man ZX where there was absolutely no voice over work at all considering the Japanese version had it.

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