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Luminous Arc Infinity Will Release This August In Japan



Luminous Arc Infinity, Marvelous’ upcoming strategy RPG about song magic and MVP heroines has an official release date along with other information on the cast and voice actors in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.


Here are some details on the new characters:


Lana (voiced by Akaya Ohashi): A beautiful girl, but doesn’t really get what’s going on around her. She has a bust size of AA.


Hisoka (voiced by Ayane Sakura): Gets along with just about anyone, but she doesn’t doesn’t share much about the deepest parts of her heart. Her bust size is a C cup.


Kasumi (voiced by Aya Uchida): A traditional graceful character. She’s always smiling, but when she gets mad, she busts out her katana… while still smiling. She has G cup-sized busts.


There are several other characters revealed in the magazine, including ones voiced by Yuki Ono and  Michihiro Ikemizu.


Luminous Arc Infinity will release in Japan on August 6, 2015 for PlayStation Vita. The game is being handled by Marvelous, rather than original developers Imageepoch. Imageepoch are working on their own strategy RPG, titled Stella Glow, for the Nintendo 3DS. That game will be published by Sega.

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