The Western version of Mabinogi has updated itself to add crossover costumes which transform you into Sword Art Online Characters. It’s part of their final wrap-up in the MMO’s Ultimate Anime Summer package.



Asuna__yui_1 kirito_4

heathcliff_4 lisbeth_4

The outfits include Kirito’s, Asuna’s, Heathcliff’s and Lisbeth and are the same ones we covered before, barring, it seems, Asuna’s ALO fairy version.



Players who log in on August 23rd will also be able to claim Yui in her ALO fairy version. Unfortunately, this free version won’t stick around (You’re not her papa) and she’ll only last between five and 30 days.



Alongside these outfits are several events which mimic the look and feel of Sword Art Online’s Aincrad. There’ll be a Crystallite Collection quest which follow’s Kirito’s quest for his ultimate sword second blade with Lisbeth. You’ll need to gather crystallite with Lisbeth while fending off snow trolls. Kirito? He’s over there being badass and holding off the White Dragon instead.



There’s also a revamped King of the Lake fishing event which is SAO-inspired. We’re not sure if this will result in a massive monster fish appearing or not.



Several of Mabinogi’s dungeons will also get decked out in a SAO theme, including Alby, Math, Fiodh and Peaca. This is part of a larger Dungeon Capture event, and once all 20 dungeon zones have been unlocked and completed you’ll be able to battle *SPOILER ALERT* Heathcliff.


Mabinogi is out now on PC.


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